How it Works

Our events structure provides handicapped golfers with tournaments that are based on our revolutionary sudden death format… where the aim is to “Beat the Burglar”.

Our tournament calendar includes one, two and three-day events that use only the most exclusive courses …. that provide a stunning backdrop to the most exciting format in amateur golf.

Each days play climaxes in a two hole playoff  where the winner of the day is determined in front of large gallery of the days participants. It is the only amateur event world wide that can can come close to recreating a professional tournament atmosphere.

Its all about the atmosphere

What is the Shootout?

  • A single stableford handicap event with a twist
  • An exciting new golfing event where competitors can not only test their golf games , but also their nerve
  • A tournament for golfers looking for something just a little different from their 18 holes.

The SHOOTOUT is a golfing event that plays no favourites. On any given day, man, woman, a, b, or c grader all have the opportunity to become a SHOOTOUT champion. Even with a very low score , all you need is a touch of luck, a little good management and some good play under the gun and you can be a SHOOTOUT champion.

Can you handle the pressure of a gallery? The SHOOTOUT will let you find out. Test yourself under the SHOOTOUT format and see how you stand up to what the pro’s face daily.

How does it work?

  • A shotgun start will start the day with all participants competing in a single stableford event using A.G.U. handicaps.
  • At the end of the round all players go to a designated tee where a super six draw occurs.
  • The draw involves six holes being drawn at random with the eight players with highest stableford score participating in a two hole sudden death SHOOTOUT.
  • During the SHOOTOUT a Putt-off will decide any ties for any positions.
  • The first hole of the SHOOTOUT will have eight people teeing off with the worst three scores dropping out.
  • The final hole has three players participating with the player with the best score becoming the SHOOTOUT Champion. Again any ties will deceided with a putt-off.