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Welcome to ShootOut Golf

Our mission at ShootOut Golf is to provide the most exciting experience an amateur can have. There's no doubt that handicap golf is one of the greatest inventions in sport and we guarantee that our format of 'sudden death' playoff and Super 6 draw provides everything a golfer would want and more.

We play on the most exclusive courses available combined with sensational prizes where everyone has a chance of winning... We aim to "Beat the Burglar" and send him home with his tail between his legs! Don't be left wanting more from your golfing $'s, come and join us sooner rather than later!

Chris Parkes
CEO Dunes Sports Promotions

  • "ShootOut Golf – what can I say?  It's a brilliant concept that is both fair and equitable.  The ShootOut format truly tests your ability to handle what is normally a reasonably straightforward situation – hit a golf ball.  However, with a lot of people watching, you never know how you will handle the situation.  It's a very surreal, awesome experience!"

    Mark Gillies, 2015 Australian Shootout Champion
  • On any given day, any man, woman, A, B, or C-Grader all have the opportunity to become a ShootOut Champion.

  • Even with 30 points or less from your round of golf, with a touch of luck, some good management and exciting play under the gun, anyone can be a ShootOut champion!